World Cup

I’ll admit it, this is the first year I have truly gotten into World Cup fever. A plethora of certain instances has sparked my interest. For one, I work with several international athletes and have seen their love of the “beautiful game”. Secondly, my boyfriend’s favorite team is the US Men’s National team and I now know the names and positions of all the players. The fact that ESPN is showing every single game has also made a huge impact.

Soccer, football, whatever you want to call it truly is a beautiful game. Never have I seen so many, edge of your seat near-misses or reacted as excited at a sports moment as I did when Landon Donovan scored the goal in stoppage time that put the US into the Round of 16. It was incredible. The empty feeling I felt after we lost to Ghana has rarely been matched.

I hope the US truly embraces “Soccer Fever”. I know I have, and I will keep watching the “Yanks” whenever I can. It is now a goal (pun intended) of mine to attend a World Cup match and be able to wear my country’s flag and colors proudly shouting U-S-A!

Now that U.S. is out, who do I cheer for? Vamos Espana! A team that has always been so good yet has never been able to seal the deal. Vamos!!!!

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