One and Done? Not Just For Basketball Players

Here is something I posted on the ASU athletic blog regarding one of our golfers who announced she was turning pro after one season.

When people hear the term “one and done” in regard to athletes, they instantly think of basketball players. What people don’t realize is that it also often applies to college golf.

With ASU’s Jennifer Johnson announcing she was turning professional after one year of playing college golf, I began thinking of how common of a trend this has become in the sport. Jennifer had a solid freshman season. While she did not win a tournament, she only placed out of the top 15 once and recorded two top five finishes including a runner-up performance at the NCAA Championship. She tallied a stroke average of 72.41 and garnered several awards including NGCA Freshman of the Year, Pac-10 Freshman of the Year and NGCA First-Team All-American honors.

Jennifer Johnson at the 2010 NCAA Championships

After doing research on the previous NGCA Freshman of the Year recipients (side note: ASU leads the nation with four), I was astonished to find that only one, Amanda Blumenherst of Duke, had remained in school all four years. In fact out of the 13 Freshman of the Year winners, four turned professional after one year and six waited until their sophomore season to hang up their amateur status. Cydney Clanton, the 2008 winner, is still amateur heading into her junior season at Auburn.

Past Freshman of the Year

Year Player School Turned Pro Yrs of Co. Golf
2010 Jennifer Johnson ASU 2010 1
2009 Jennifer Song USC 2010 2
2008 Cydney Clanton Auburn Still playing TBD
2007 Anna Nordqvist ASU 2008 2.5
2006 Amanda Blumenherst Duke 2009 4
2005 Louise Stahle ASU 2005 1
2004 Brittany Lang Duke 2005 2
2003 Erica Blasberg Arizona 2004 2
2002 Walailak Satarak UCI 2002 1*
2001 Lorena Ochoa Arizona 2002 2
2000 Miriam Nagl ASU 2000 1
1999 Beth Bauer Duke 2000 2
1998 Reilly Rankin Georgia 2001 3^

*Satarak – I could not find when she turned pro, but she did not have any honors after her freshman season.
^ Rankin – She had an interesting situation, which she could not play in 2000 due to an injury, but did play in 2001. This could be considered either her junior (if she planned to redshirt) or senior (if she did not redshirt). Technically speaking, she only played three years of college golf before turning pro.

It is the risk you take when you bring in the finest athletes. ASU baseball goes through the same thing when the draft comes around and takes the top high school players. Virtually every basketball Freshman of the Year enters the draft following their first collegiate season. Jennifer, or JJ as the team fondly nicknamed her, is a great player and kid and we wish her the best in her professional career.


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