Bucket List

“Nothing happens unless first we dream.”
– Carl Sandburg

I have always been a dreamer. There is little more satisfying than seeing your dreams come into fruition. It can be hard to conquer dreams, unless you create realistic steps.

One part of these steps is to create a list of your dreams, a Bucket List per say. I came across this while looking through my old files on my laptop. Here is a Bucket List that I have started and I have already accomplished on item on the list.

Jen’s Bucket List

1. Go on an archaeological dig

2. Backpack Europe

3. Visit every state (24 down!)

4. Have a family of my own

5. Drive up and down California

6. Dye my hair dark

7. Own a house

8. Read every book on Time’s 100 Best English-Language Novel’s list

Link for Time’s All-Time Best Novels

9. Get my masters

10. Run a marathon

11. Help build a house for someone in need

12. Make my own wine

13. Ride first class

14. Go to the Summer Olympics

15. Learn Spanish

16. Start a philanthropy

17. See every movie on AFI’s Top 100 Movies

Link for AFI’s Top 100 Movies

18. Write a short story or novel

19. Visit South America

20. Go to the World Cup

I plan on keep adding to the list and work to crossing one out a year.

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