America’s Taco Shop

First off, forgive me for not including pictures of my meal. My cell phone was dead at the time and my camera was unfortunately not in my purse.

Now, to the meal! TC and I were hungry and not in the mood to cook. A new restaurant opened on University, right across from the old fraternity houses at ASU close to the lightrail station. We figured why not give it a go? I’ll be completely honest and I say I was skeptical. A Mexican food place with such an American sounding name did not seem to be authentic enough for me. Come to find out, it was the name of the cook and owner. Plus, silly me, Mexico is part of the Americas, as is all of Central and South America.

I digress. We headed into the tiny establishment. Formerly a Papa John’s, the indoor seating was minimal with only four tables. There was a patio outside that included about six, but very limited seating. The owner or manager immediately came up to us and explained the carne asada and the pastor (pulled pork) was their speciality. My eyes lit up when he said carne asada, as it is my favorite Mexican dish. I ordered a Vampiro, which I had never heard of but they advertised it well on their menu, while TC picked a carne asada stuffed quesadilla.

We additionally asked for chips and salsa, and were informed they were homemade. The chips were fine, nothing special. I found the flavor of the salsa to be exceptional while TC thought it was a bit too cold to fully appreciate it. Our food came out quickly. My Vampiro turned out to be basically a tostada. It was a fried corn tortilla topped with delicious melted cheese, carne asada, grilled onion and lettuce. I added salsa to the top but it was not needed. They did not lie when they said they specialized in carne asada. It was incredible. The flavor was absolutely perfect and the texture soft. TC said he enjoyed his quesadilla as well.

I want to go back and try their pastor as well. America’s Taco Shop was pretty delicious. I would give it 3.75 out of 5, well maybe even a 4/5.

Visit their website: America’s Taco Shop

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