AFI No. 99: Toy Story

I had no idea I was only 10 years old when Toy Story first came to theaters. I remember instantly thinking I was not going to enjoy because it wasn’t the same as traditional Disney Flicks, graphic wise that is. Of course, I saw it and, like the rest of the world, fell in love with it.

There are several reasons why I believe this movie made the Top 100 list. First of all, it absolutely revolutionized animation. The most beloved Disney movies from 1995 onward have been a product of Pixar animation. The brightness of the colors, the almost 3-D animation, it looked more “real” while still having the “make-believe” feeling of a cartoon.

Secondly, Toy Story includes the little quirks giving the adults humor that goes over the children’s heads. TC and I were laughing when Mr. Potato Head took off his lips and had them kissing his butt when Slinky was trying reassure Woody. Neither of realized what it was he was doing previously.

Finally, the story is brilliant. Every child played with toys when they were little, and every child imagined their toys being alive, so the concept was familiar. The issues between Woody and Buzz are something every child goes through in their adolescence and continues into their adult life. Jealousy of a new kid in school, a new sibling, even a new pet frequently occurs and is a natural human emotion. Getting past this and being open to accepting person in your life as a friend is necessary in order for us to grow as people. This is what Toy Story highlights and what makes it such beautiful story.

Next Up: Yankee Doodle Dandy


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