A Taste of the Caribbean

Chicken Curry

TC and I headed to South Tempe after work on Friday to sample a new Caribbean restaurant. The Guyanese-based place was featured on AZ Central and upon reading the review, I felt as though we must try it.

The ambience was nice, but the service was slightly awkward. There was no one near the front to tell us to sit down, so we went up to the cash register and began ordering. The waitress, who was very young, told us we were actually supposed to sit down and she would come to us but there was no sign or indication of that until we told her we were eating here. Anyway, we ordered a beef patty as a starter. TC picked the pan-fried Jerk Fish while I chose the Chicken Curry. I also decided to get adventurous and ordered a Ginger Beer.

I stupidly believed the Ginger Beer would be somewhat similar to a Ginger Ale and boy was I wrong. It tasted like the ginger you receive with your wasabi at sushi, which I actually really like, but as a drink… ehhh not so much. The beef patty was a delight. It looked like a mini pot pie and inside was flavorful ground beef. My only complaint is that they only give you one when I was expecting at least two.

Our entrees followed after a short wait. TC’s Jerk Fish was tasty, but not quite the spice to our liking. My Chicken Curry had a nice texture and a very savory finish. Two thumbs up. The dish was accompanied by a vinegar based cole slaw, some of the best I have had, and rice with chickpeas. It also had fried plantains, which received an “oh wow!” out of TC. (Note: TC is very hard to impress and receive a legit compliment from on the meal) They, in the words of TC, tasted like excellent banana bread.

All in all, A Taste of the Caribbean was a good choice of a meal for a Friday evening. The place gives you a fairly inexpensive but unique dining experience. I’d give it 3.5 stars.


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