Soundtracks of Freshman Years…

Today was the first day of classes at ASU and maybe that’s why I’m feeling sentimental right now.

I’m moving in a week and took an opportunity to clean out my closet. I found a number of burned CDs and pieces of paper. Confused at first, I soon realized it was from a university introductory class I taught as a senior. The final project I assigned to the freshman was for them to turn in a CD of 10 songs describing their freshman year. They needed to include the CD and a sheet of paper giving the reasons why each song was picked.

I browsed through the descriptions and was astonished at how similar each one was to each other. They may have picked different songs, but each one started with a song reminiscent of heartbreak over a high school love and each one ended with a pop song reminding them of the fun they were having in college. Thinking back to what my soundtrack of my first semester of college would have been, I can’t say I’m much different then they were.

It made me realize how alike every freshman in college is, how alike every person is. We all feel love, both the good and the bad, and we all need to let loose a bit. It was a terrific reminder for me on how we all go through the same things and deep down, we are all so very similar.

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