AFI Top 100: No. 94 The French Connection

* I wrote this several days after watching The French Connection, so this one will be brief.

The French Connection was another movie I had no idea going into. I did know there was an outstanding car case as some point in the film. The car chase lived up to the hype, avoiding the baby in the carriage was a nice, over-the-top touch. Opening with a man being shot in the face at point blank range, the film was violent but never too gory.

While the movie was a great action/crime film, I felt it lacked depth. The backstories of Doyle and Russo were hardly touched. Doyle himself was an extremely unlikeable character. He was a bully who did not care about the consequences as long as he got what he wanted. Several times in the movie, I found myself cheering for the drug dealers more than police. I did not mind Russo, but his character was extremely dull in my opinion.

It was action-packed but there were several times when the movie seemed to drag. I did not mind the movie, but it certainly was not one of my favorites.

Next Up: No. 93 Goodfellas

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