PAF 591 – EPA Module 1

Both David Cameron’s The Next Age of Government and Thomas Malone The Future of Work described almost exactly the way I think the world is moving in regards to information and online communication. The truth is, as both touched upon, the information age has caused a more decentralized and people-orientated state.

I found it interesting and clever that Cameron utilized the things we value most (family, friendship, community, values, environment, achievement, fulfilling work and well-being) as reasons why the government and society is moving in that direction.

I also agree with his statement that the Information Age is going to change the way politics, government and public service is run. It has already changed in this direction. With internet access, we are able to search for answers to nearly everything. When Cameron was discussing transparency, the first thing that popped into my head was the WikiLeaks scandal going on now. Whether or not the government likes it, the likelihood of having secrets and information revealed online is so much more likely now. Choice is also in action already. I Google every big purchase before I buy in order to get the best quality.

The idea I thought was genius of his was showing your spending vs. an energy efficient one. In my capstone class this past summer, a classmate did something similar focusing on how much you can save using public transportation. It changed my views enough to where I now bike and take the Orbit to work.

My experiences with Facebook and Twitter have been wonderful. My job is to track the Athletic Department’s Social Media pages and engage fans in an attempt to create more unity, release news and sell tickets. The fan pages are a great way to gain attention to your business.

Personally, I have used Facebook to connect with friends from around the country. It also gives the opportunity for my family to see my photographs and receive updates on how I am doing. My great aunt actually Facebook chatted me the other day. I think it is a wonderful way to maintain contact with people you may not pick up the phone and call.

My Twitter was used to not only interact with my friends but also give information and tidbits on my former teams. While you have to be careful with what you post online, it is a great way to create more of a presence for yourself.

I think it is important to realize the risks that come with an online presence due to the areas David Cameron touched. You are accountable for whatever you put online. Your online information makes you more transparent. Even with these risks, the value of online information is so much greater due to choice. We now have the opportunity to fully research what choice we want to make.



  1. Jenna Roundy · · Reply

    Hi Jennifer. I am in your ePA class and just wanted to leave a quick comment about your blog post. I agree that the world seems to be moving towards greater dependence on information technologies and online communications. I think you made a great point (something that i overlooked) about Camerons statement and views on infromation technology and how it will change politics. I agree that it already has changed politics and government, and will continue to do so in the future. It seems like you have a really cool job, and that like most many modern jobs it requires the use of Social networks (facebook and twitter) and finding specific audiences. Social networks are defiently very helpful in connecting with people and specific groups.

  2. Jen, Good analysis and I especially appreciate bringing in relevant examples that we did not touch in class yet, for instance “When Cameron was discussing transparency, the first thing that popped into my head was the WikiLeaks scandal going on now.”

    I hope you continue to use your professional experience with needing to use social media for your job to provide perspectives to others in class.

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