EPA Module 4 Pt. 1 of 2: Browsing Government Sites

Here is an overview of each on the sites and what I liked about each one.

o The tabs were fantastic and easy to find. The entire site was easy to navigate, which was nice. None of the pages seemed too busy.
o I appreciated how the blog gave a bit of an inside look to what events go on in the White House. Blogs are a source of information for many people and I think this is a great way to share and connect information with others.
o The photos and videos are always fun to look at and watch, I would not have put this as the second tab, because I do not think this is the most important
o The briefing room was my favorite page. I love the weekly address President Obama does, I think it helps connect and relate his issues to the people. With a podcast they can listen to it any time of the day. I also like how he posted everyone of his speeches on the page. This is great for reference, for transparency and accountability. The social media tab is essential in today’s world and they made sure to connect on every major social media application.
o In my opinion, the issues tab is the most important. This is an overview of what the administration believes in and what their agenda for these issues are. This helps in accountability as people can look up the administrations views and compare whether or not they are going with this.
o The bios were appreciated. I think that is something that is absolutely necessary to have on this website.
o General information was shown on the White Page. Much needed page and well laid out.
o Finally there was an overview of our Constitution on the Our Government Page.

• Recovery.gov
o I absolutely love the chart that you see right when you click on the page. I think it helps give transparency and information by seeing how much money is being spent and on what.
o The poll on the page is a nice touch. It helps people interact with the government by showing where they especially want the money to go.
o This page is a fantastic showing of transparency and accountability due to the sharing of content.

• Apps.gov
o The application page was my least favorite. I did not like the layout at all. While there were tabs, there were also buttons that took you to the same place.
o It is great to have this page to help people with their businesses and to get a head start.
o I do like the sharing of information on that page, I think it is important

• Data.gov
o Another nice touch of transparency. This page makes it easy to retrieve statistical information.
o I appreciated the fact they showed what the most popular viewed data bases were as that helps with the navigation of the page.

• Serve.gov
o Serve.gov was a good page that gives information on volunteering resources.
o I like how you can locate volunteer opportunities in your area.
o The stories of service blog is a fantastic solution to connect people and make them feel involved. Really thought this was a wonderful way to interact with others.

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  1. Tanya Musgrave · · Reply

    I also liked the issue section of the White House page. I think this could help direct citizens to the information they are really interested in rather than trying to search through a different filter.

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