I Voted! And Shared That Fact With My Social Network

Today, I served my civic duty by going to the polls and voting. After I submitted my ballot, I checked into Foursquare and felt a thrill of delight when I received an “I Voted Election 2010” badge. As soon as I got home, I logged onto Facebook, and clicked the button to add to the tally of Facebook users that voted. I then shared this information with my friends through an automatic status update through the Facebook Election application. I also updated my Twitter status to let my followers know I voted, using the hashtag #ivoted which added a cute checkmark in front of an American flag.

Throughout the day, I noticed multiple friends on Facebook click that tab and I saw the increase of the number of people on the Facebook tally increase to over 11 million people on Facebook who said they participated in today’s election.

Sharing my enthusiasm through social media for one of the greatest privileges and duties in the world gave me a thrill and sense of pride. Has this replaced the iconic sticker? Are we now going to show off that we are proud to be a voter mainly through our Facebook page, Twitter account or Foursquare badge log? Technically, you hit more people that way and perhaps nudge more people into voting that may not have previously. What do you think?

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