AFI Top 100 #90: Swing Time

One of the greatest parts about watching all 100 of the AFI Top Movies is that I get to see many old movies I would have never picked to watch on my own. Swing Time was a lot of fun. The supporting cast of Helen Broderick and Victor Moore was a nice supplement to the main theme of the show and helped in making the main characters more likable. One of the best things to come from this movie was the iconic song, “The Way You Look Tonight.” Beautiful, who doesn’t love that song?

Of course, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers made a lovely pair and the dance was fantastic, although Astaire outshined Rogers every time. Hands down my favorite scene of the film was when Astaire gave his tribute to Bill “BoJangles” Robinson. Watch it below:

The plot wasn’t anything spectacular and the acting was so-so, but as I mentioned earlier, it is an extremely enjoyable film. Both TC and I enjoyed it and I found myself wanting to take tap lessons after watching this film…

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