It’s Official: Myspace is Dead.

Today, something that many of us have known for years, has been officially announced. Myspace is no longer a social networking site. According to Mike Jones, the chief executive of Myspace, “MySpace is a not a social network anymore. It is now a social entertainment destination.” In other news, Truman trumps Dewey and Michael Jackson is dead.

Mr. Jones, we were all aware of this… oh about three years ago. Where the heck have you been?

Check out the article. Myspace Surrenders to Facebook. The title reminds me of the Japanese soldiers on remote that kept fighting WWII years after the war officially ended. Why do you think Myspace waited so long to reorganize and what do you think the future is for what was once the most popular social network?


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  1. Hi Jennifer – I loved your posting. It was funny and witty! Nice job!

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