AFI Top 100: Catch-Up

Wow it has been months since I have posted! Despite this break, I have continued my goal of watching the American Film Institution’s Top 100 Movies of All-Time. Due to the fact I have not blog immediately after viewing numbers 94, 92, 91, 89, 88, 87, 86, 85 and 84, I will just briefly give my thoughts on each one.

*Note: I mixed French Connection and Pulp Fiction’s numbers on the list up. French Connection was actually #93 while Pulp Fiction was #94. I did a post on Swing Time immediately after watching it.

#94 – Pulp Fiction

I personally love Pulp Fiction. I enjoy Tarantino’s unorthodox way of telling a story, as well how every character is connected in some fashion. It’s violent yet has a twisted sense of humor added to it. If you haven’t seen it, you should solely to understand what exactly is a Royale with Cheese and why to always be nervous whenever you enter and exit a bathroom.

#92 – Goodfellas

Like Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas is one of those movies that shocks me if you made it through college without at least seeing it once. If you love mob movies, you’ll love it. Great flick, with some memorable quotes.

#91 – Sophie’s Choice

Meryl Streep was absolutely brilliant in this role. Although there were times when it dragged, the film was a powerful account of a woman that had been through more in life than anyone ever should. Sophie’s choice that the title alludes to is not revealed until the end, and trust me when I say it breaks your heart. Very solid film, but one I will likely never watch again due to depressed tone.

#89 – The Sixth Sense

I will never forget the moment I realized the twist in this movie. I’m not sure I had watched The Sixth Sense in about 10 years and it was as enjoyable to watch as it was the first time. Haley Joel Osmont is wonderful and I still get the chills during certain scenes. Question is… will M. Night Shyalaman ever create another film that is anywhere close to as good as this one? (So far… no.)

#88 – Bringing Up Baby

I adored Bringing Up Baby. Katharine Hepburn was hilarious. Hers and Cary Grant’s excursion to deliver, and then find, her pet leopard is full of non-stop laughs. It is one of those movies that makes me happy I started to watch the AFI Top 100.

#87 – 12 Angry Men

I loved 12 Angry Men. I had heard good things prior to viewing and I was not disappointed when the credits rolled at the end. I realize that this jury would caused a mistrial, but the raw conversations about a murder case by 12 completely different men was captivating. A must-see if you haven’t already.

#86 – Platoon

A battle between good and bad soldier. Between hippies and preppies in the troops. How do you do the right thing when everything around you is madness and no one knows who to trust? With an all-star cast, Platoon is one of those movies you finish and feel conflicted on where you stand.

#85 – A Night at the Opera

This was the first Marx Brothers film I have watched. It’s very funny if you are into that humor. Grocho is so ridiculous and Chico and Harpo are funny as well. The infamous stateroom scene in itself is a must-see. I am excited to watch Duck Soup later on.
#84 – Easy Rider

This is one of those movies you finish watching and think to yourself… “did all that just happen?” Granted part of the movie was supposed to showcase a bad acid trip, and the actors were actually smoking marijuana but still… I did appreciate the rawness of the movie and that used non-actors and ad-libbed most of the scenes. The film definitely touches on the counterculture era and for those reasons it belongs on the Top 100 list.

Next up: #83 Titanic. My seventh grade self cannot wait to see Leo and Kate fall in love again.


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