AFI Top 100: No. 83 Titanic


My eighth grade self was very excited to watch Titanic. As a teeny-bopper when it came out, I was one of many who had Titanic posters adorning my wall and had made multiple journeys to the movies to see “my favorite” movie.

In the years since Titanic came out on VHs, I have maybe seen it once.

Due to this, it was extremely interesting to view it over 10 years later. Although the love story itself is very unbelievable (really you fell completely in love after a few days?!, you find yourself falling for it.

The supporting characters are who grabbed my attention this time I watched it. Kathy Bates as Molly Brown was of course fantastic as were the historical characters of Captain Edward Smith and Thomas Andrews. They were oftentimes the ones who stole the show.

The biggest impact of Titanic, and the reason (other than the effects) of why it belongs on this list is the portrayal of the ship sinking and its aftermath. Some people were selfish, some were brave, some were quick-thinking, everyone was scared to death. No matter who you are you cannot not watch this movie without thinking, “What would I have done?”. It tears the heartstrings and boggles your mind and for that reason, Titanic belongs on the top 100.


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