AFI Top 100: #82 Sunrise: A Song Between Two Humans

Sunrise: A Song Between Two Humans was my first silent film. The silent component of the film was fine, but the storyline, or rather, the outcome was bizarre…

The film intends to leave you with a positive feeling about a couple that overcame marital troubles and will now live happily ever after. The issue is, the marital problems included infidelity by the husband, attempted murder on the wife, and finally attempted murder on the mistress. Basically, I can’t get this image out of my head and feel relieved the couple is happy once again:

There were several beautiful scenes in the film, such when the couple is so oblivious to the world that they stop traffic. The soundtrack, what it is most famous for, was lovely. Regardless, I truly hope the rest of the silent movies on this list are much more enjoyable than this one.

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