EATS: Pizzeria Bianco

The wannabe-foodie in me is ashamed to say this, but after living in the Valley for seven years, I finally tried Pizzeria Bianco. My parents were in town for Easter and the five of us (boyfriend, brother, parents, myself) took the lightrail from Tempe to downtown Phoenix.

One of the aspects hindering me from previously trying this famous pizza is the infamous wait. The idea of sitting around for 2-3 hours makes me a little antsy but my brother, who had visited several times before, assured me that it would be worth it. Sure enough we get there and the server tells us it will be about two hours. The geniuses at Pizzeria Bianco were smart enough to put in a bar next door, so we headed over there and ordered a few brews and some appetizers. The appetizers, a cheese plate and some prosciutto, were tasty, simple and held us over while we waited

Due to the spectacular company, the two hours flew by.

My brother Josh and I goofing around at Bar Bianco

My brother, the experienced Biancoan, promptly ordered us a salad, another appetizers and four pizzas. The salad was delicious, so fresh with just the right amount of light oil dressing. I could have eaten a whole plate of our appetizer, spiedini. The combination of warm cheese and prosciutto melted in my mouth.

Finally we were brought the renowned pizzas. Josh informed us to try the two vegetarian ones (the Margherita and the Rosa) first. A blast of flavor hit my palate the moment I bit into a slice of the Rosa. Wow. The pistachio tempered the intense flavor of rosemary to create the perfect combination of taste. I will order this pizza every time I visit Bianco’s.

The delicious Rosa

I have had many Margherita pizzas, but none have been as fresh as this one. The mozzarella, which is homemade by the owner, was perfect.

A poor picture of the Margherita and Rosa

My next favorite of the four pizzas was the Sonny Boy. A standard marinara and mozzarella pie adorned with salami and olives… I had initially thought from reading the menu that this would be my favorite of the night. While it was tasty, and the salami was the best I had, in my opinion it paled in comparison to the Rosa and Margherita. This could all be because I was craving more of that Rosa flavor…

The Sonny Boy

My least favorite of the night was the Wiseguy. This had solely to do with the fact that I am not a huge fan of sage sausage. The onions were spectacular though.

The Wiseguy

I have been craving another Rosa and Margherita ever since we left that day. I cannot wait to get back to Pizzeria Bianco and enjoy that experience again. For those who live in the Phoenix area and have yet to visit… get your butts over there.


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