AFI Top 100: No. 79 The Wild Bunch

The first Western film on the top 100 list was a violent one. In fact, according to Wikipedia and IMDB, it was groundbreaking in the mass amount of bloodshed and brutish behavior from men. The director did this to shock the audience, expecting movie-goers to leave horrified, but to his dismay the audience enjoyed the immense amount of violence.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in an age where violence is common in movies and on television but I was more shocked about the foul behavior of the men in the movie. Even the characters that were likable bought prostitutes and had their confusion in regards to loyalty and right and wrong. Perhaps that is one of the most admirable things about this film, all of these characters were so flawed you did not know who to cheer for throughout the entire film.

The setting was beautiful and I loved the amount of Spanish without subtitles that was used. Overall the film was interesting and, like the director intended, somewhat disturbing.

Next Up: Modern Times


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