AFI Top 100: No. 78 Modern Times

This was my first Charlie Chaplin and second “silent” film. First impression of the iconic “Tramp” character? Charming. Goofy. Silly. The film itself was interesting. I enjoyed the political message and found the “friendship”/”love story” of the Tramp and Paulette Goddard’s character to be sweet. Tim actually loved Goddard, found her pretty and liked her “bouncy” demeanor.

The things I did not enjoy were simple. The film started out seemingly as a “modern” factory, with video ways for the boss to watch and communicate with employees. The rest of the film did not have that “futuristic” feel and I felt as though that aspect gave an inconsistent theme to the movie.

My second complaint is that the movie at times dragged. A few of the Tramp’s mischievous scenes, although fun, silly and over the top, went on a little too long.

I laughed several times during the movie but it certainly was not a favorite of mine. I am, however, looking forward to getting to know the Tramp character better in the other Chaplin films on this list.

Next Up: All The President’s Men

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