AFI Top 100: No. 72 The Shawshank Redemption

There is a reason The Shawshank Redemption tops many people’s favorite movie list, it is as good as advertised. Andy Dufresne’s perseverance, cleverness and strength throughout his undeserving stay at Shawshank State Prison are qualities to be admired.

Much like The Count of Monte Cristo, which is referenced in the film, Dufresne eventually gets revenge and peace. This tale is not just about an innocent man’s unfair imprisonment, this story also shows that sometimes the good guys may not always be of high moral standing. For example, all viewers were happy to see Red, an admitted murderer, skip parole and meet Andy in Mexico. We were also happy to see the bullet go through the warren’s head, who to outsiders seemed like an upstanding citizen.

If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it. It deserves all the hype it receives.

Next Up: No. 71 Saving Private Ryan



  1. Hey Jen, not only are we on the same quest to watch and blog about the AFI top 100, but we’re both in Phoenix. Crazy…

    You’re ahead of me though as I just wrote about #87 12 Angry Men. I’ll be interested in seeing how our opinions differ.

  2. Hi Len,
    I stopped blogging for awhile but finally caught up after 6 months! Hope your blogging/movie watching is going well. 🙂

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