AFI Top 100: No. 48 Rear Window

After immensely enjoying NXNW, I was looking forward to the second Hitchcock film on the list, and Rear Window did not disappoint. Starring the always amazing James Stewart and lovely Grace Kelly, the film kept you on your toes the entire time.

The entirety of the movie, save a few scenes at the end, is filmed from Jeff (Stewart’s character)’s room. Every view of the neighbors across the way was filmed directly from Jeff’s room, resulting in the feeling of actually being in the room next to Jeff. The visuals of the neighbors, with few actual speaking roles from them, made you feel extremely connected. You could not help but feel sad for Ms. Lonelyheart, laugh at the couple with the silly dog and smirk about the newlyweds.

Jimmy Stewart was great as usual and, while there were times you thought his character of Jeff was being over the top, I think everyone who has every participated in people watching could emphasize with his almost obsessive behavior. One last comment I want to make is the two scenes that Mr. Thorwald interacts with the two main characters are absolutely terrifying. Great film, would recommend it to anyone.

Next Up: A Streetcar Named Desire


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