AFI Top 100 No. 44: The Philadelphia Story

Movies like The Philadelphia Story are the reason I am glad I began this task. An all-star cast (James Stewart is turning into a favorite of mine) and a hilarious drunken scene propels this movie to the top of the ones I have seen on the list. It’s witty, it’s charming, it’s sweet, it’s well-acted… I could keep going.

Stewart won Best Actor for his portrayal as the stuck in the rut reporter Macaulay “Mike” Connor. Apparently he did not believe he deserved the role, but I personally found him to be wonderful. His drunken scenes with both Katharine Hepburn and especially Cary Grant were absolutely hilarious. I was especially fond of how he was completely out of it when talking to Grant. Absolutely perfect!

I actually found Virginia Weidler, who was Hepburn’s character’s younger sister Dinah, to also be charming. She stole the scene several times with her smart-ass remarks and clever sneakiness. I was pretty impressed with her acting ability.

The story was somewhat predictable, it was obvious from the beginning that Tracy would end up again with Dexter. One thing I want to say is what is the deal with all of the abuse to women in these movies lately? Dexter, while he did try to redeem himself later and claimed to have quit drinking, full on shoved Tracy to the ground at the beginning. Nowadays a movie would never have a woman get back with a man who abused her… just an interesting point.

Next up: No. 43 Midnight Cowboy



  1. Glad you liked The Philadelphia Story. It is one of my favorite films and I watch it every time it’s on TV. What I love about it is the wit in the screenplay…it was so ahead of its time. Yes, the performances are amazing top to bottom (the uncle who pretends to be the father and the girl who played Dinah were wonderful). For me this film is all about Jimmy Stewart and for my money Mike Connor is his best role ever. Maybe I have a soft heart for a journalist who wants to be a real writer and falls for the girl that’s out of his league…

    1. 🙂 I hear you. I really enjoyed his character. He’s easily one of my favorite actors now! I know I have several more to look forward to of his on this list.

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