My Nana’s Salsa Challenge

One of my favorite things about living in Tempe is the plethora of festivals the city throws. Festivals are an inexpensive excuse to receive outdoor entertainment with friends. Last Saturday, Tempe hosted one of my preferred form of festivals, a tasting one. For a day of fee of $10, one can enter Tempe Beach Park, receive a bag of tortilla chips and endlessly taste a variety of salsa from over 100 different vendors . While the majority of the salsa at My Nana’s Salsa Challenge were red, the flavors were diverse.

Amanda and I after our 5k

Prior to entering the festival, my friends Amanda and JT and I ran in the “Too Hot To Trot” 5k benefitting the Hemophilia Foundation. I finished 10th in my age group (ok, so it was a small race) and was decently proud of my 31.11 minute finish, which was ran at a faster pace than my Pat’s Run time. Amanda kicked butt in her 5k debut and finished third in our age group while JT finished fifth for his age group. We enjoyed breakfast and a beer after the race.

Tim and I trying to master standing while drinking a beer and eating chips and salsa. Not as easy at it seems.

After a quick shower at home, the three of us, plus Tim who didn’t run, headed off to the festival. We each submitted our tickets to vote for the salsa of our choice. Amanda was the first to drop hers in a bin, she picked a refreshening bell pepper salsa. I chose a cilantro heavy salsa that ended up winning the people’s vote for an individual maker. Tim dropped his in a roasted corn and black bean salsa, which was made right right in front of you. We had a great time and are planning on attending (and running) again next year. For more information, visit here.


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