Recipe: Seafood Curry

I bought a bag of seafood medley from Costco last week and had been pondering what to make with it. The previous time, I used the medley to make a cioppino and wanted to try something different this time. I scoured the internet and found two different seafood curry recipes, one from and one from I combined the two to make the recipe listed below.

Seafood Medley (I used about a third of the Costco bag which contained calamari, shrimp, scallops)
One can of coconut milk
1 Tbs of Curry Paste
2 Tbs Soy Sauce
3 Tbs Fish Sauce
3-4 cloves of Garlic (chopped)
1 shallot
1-3 Tbs of Peanut Butter (I only used one but Tim suggested adding more next time)
3 Tbs of Lime Juice
2 Tbs of Cumin
1 Tbs of Ginger
1 Tbs of Brown Sugar
1 Tsp of Cinnamon
1 Tsp of Olive Oil
1 can of Diced Jalapeños
Bell Pepper
4-5 Basil Leaves

Mix together coconut milk, spices (minus basil and cilantro), jalapeños, soy sauce, fish sauce, lime juice and peanut butter in a bowl (a fork is fine but if you have a food processor, you can use that). Stir fry chopped shallot and garlic in olive oil (I used a basil flavored one) in a deep pan over medium heat for a minute or two.

Add the sauce to the pan. Let sauce come to a slight boil then add the seafood medley, basil and bell pepper. Cook on medium-low heat stirring occasionally for about 10-15 minutes.

Serve with white rice, top with cilantro and enjoy!

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  1. That looks boooomb =)

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