EAT: Mariscos Sinaloa

I haven’t done a restaurant review in awhile and Tim and I went to two fun ones recently. The first was Mariscos Sinaloa. I had been craving Mexican seafood since watching Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations’ Baja California episode. Since a trip to Rocky Point is not on tap anytime soon, and our Belizean honeymoon is months away, I went on Yelp and Urbanspoon to search for something in Phoenix. Mariscos Sinaloa had garnered high reviews and Tim and I decided to check it out on my birthday.

The restaurant is located in a discrete strip mall on the Tempe/Phoenix border. The decor is nothing special inside, simple tables and booths with a colorful underwater mural and a few beer signs on the wall and two TVs featuring ESPN Deportes.

We did not come for the ambiance though, we came for the food. The menu is vast. They had nearly every seafood imaginable on it: lobster, crab legs, conch, sea snails, oysters, red snapper… I could go on and on. We sipped on some Tecate and nibbled chips and salsa while pondering what to order. After the waitress came back to our table several times, we were ready. I ordered the shrimp and octopus ceviche tostada as an appetizer and the mixed seafood with rice as my main course. Tim went for the whole fish – red snapper, fried.

Our orders did not take long to come to the table. My tostada was huge. The crispy tortilla was piled with marinaded shrimp, octopus, onion and spices. It was delicious, I would go back just to have another one and try their other tostada options. They also did not skimp on the serving size for their main courses. My rice and seafood was so big, I ate some that night and Tim and I both had leftovers for lunch the next day. It was also very tasty, but I will probably try something else next time. Tim’s fish was a sight to see. The fish filled the entire plate and was seasoned brilliantly. On top of the food tasting amazing, it was also reasonably priced. We will definitely go back here and I suggest you take a visit.

Coming soon: Unphogettable

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