JOURNEYS: Baseball & Crab Cakes

Caren, a close friend from college, moved back to the DC area about a year ago, and I was ecstatic to get to spend the weekend with her. Our first stop was to a wine bar near her apartment in Arlington. They were doing an event with a lobster roll food truck, so we each ordered a roll and split a bottle of white. The lobster roll was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Delicious Lobster Roll

After hanging out for a bit, we headed back to the city and went out in Adam’s Morgan to meet up with her boyfriend and other friends.

Out in Adam’s Morgan

The following day, we headed up to Maryland to catch the Orioles-Nationals game at Camden Yards. Justin, one of my classmates from ASU’s journalism school, met up with us for the game. A friend of Jordan (Caren’s boyfriend) works for the Orioles and to our delight, we received comp suite-seat tickets! Camden Yards is a beautiful park and a great place to catch a game, especially from the suite life!

Sun Devils enjoying the “Suite Life” in Baltimore

On top of the awesome view, it was also an exciting game. Down 1-0 heading into the eighth, star catcher Matt Wieters hit a two-run shot to put the Orioles up. He then stopped the Nats from completing a ninth inning rally by throwing out the runner on a steal attempt to end the game.

Camden Yards

Jordan, who is a native of Baltimore, did not want me to leave Maryland without having one of their signature foods. We pulled into G&M Restaurant and went to the take out section of the restaurant. All of us ordered what Jordan said is the best crab cake sandwich in Maryland, and I have to agree, it was delicious.

Lumpy, heavenly goodness

If you ever get the chance to visit Baltimore, I highly suggest making a trip to Camden Yards. Be sure to not leave without getting a crab cake!


  1. Mmm! I love lobster rolls and crabcakes! Also cute jean shorts! 🙂

    1. Haha yeah I chose to keep that story out of the blog 😉

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