Olympic Fever

There is not a sporting event more captivating to me than the Summer Olympics. Like many women my age, one of my fondest sporting memories was watching the Magnificent 7 win gold in 1996. That memory is one of the reasons I became involved in athletics. While I am a huge Packers fan, it was not football, but the Olympics that most heavily influenced my desire to work in sports. I may said goodbye to working in athletics, but my love of the Olympics (and sports in general) continues on.

The passion, focus and determination of Olympic athletes is admirable. Some of these athletes do come out of the Games with large sponsorships and paychecks. Most don’t. They compete because they love the thrill of competition. They compete because they are proud to represent their country. They compete because they are determined to be the world’s best. The friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) rivalries between countries and athletes always produces uplifting stories and fascinating drama. It is an event that brings national pride and showcases top athletic achievement in a storied format. The wide range of sports gives everyone something to watch and the ties to country gives us all a reason to cheer.

For the next two weeks, I will be foregoing AFI Top 100 movie watching and concentrating on cheering for the United States of America at the Olympics (and the Sun Devils who qualified). USA! USA!


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