AFI Top 100 Catchup: No. 32 The Godfather Part 2

Playing catch-up again. Here we go…

Were it not a sequel, I believe The Godfather Part 2 would have been much higher on the list. Many have said that The Godfather Part 2 is the best sequel of all time and more have argued the film is better than its predecessor. The cinematography, superb; the acting, flawless; the story, a classic.

I love the hybrid story in Part 2. The way they bounce between Vito’s rise to Donhood and his son Michael’s continued downward spiral. Robert de Niro is brilliant as the young Vito Corleone. The back story, which was not part of the original novel, is captivating. I love how the film is a different tone during all the back story scenes, making you instantly feel like you were watching a memory.

There are so many iconic scenes in this film, and Al Pacino shines in nearly all of them. He looked truly hurt when he realized and confronted Fredo about his betrayal. The most passionate of them all though, was when Kate admitted she had aborted his son. You could see the rage boiling up inside him and she went on about how she could not bring another child into his world and I flinched when he bubbled over and struck Kate. In my opinion, that was one of the best scenes in movie history.

Some may disagree, but I actually liked the ending with the flashback scene. It showcased how different Michael and Vito were. Vito always preached family and Michael, from the beginning, really only cared about himself.

Next Up: The Maltese Falcon.

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