Friday Favorites: First Edition

In an effort to start posting more, I’m going to start taking part in Friday Favorites. On tap this weekend is a going away party for a dear friend and breakfast with my friend Gina who is in town for work! With that said, here we go with my first crack at Friday Favorites.

Favorite Netflix Find: Breaking Bad

The main reason we haven’t watched a new AFI movie in a month is due to this show. While waiting for our next DVD, we opted to give this a try on our Netflix. Four weeks later and we are finishing up Season 4 and heavily anticipating Season 5 on Instant. If you are looking for a great show and have a ton of free time, watch it. You’ll be as addicted as addicts are to the “blue stuff.”

Favorite Outfit: Sweater and boots

It may still be over 100 here in Arizona, I can dream of crisp fall weather right?

Favorite New Activity: Tailgating

After working in athletics for eight and a half years, it is amazing to actually be able to go to an athletic event and not work. Last week, we met up with one of my sorority sisters who has an AMAZING tailgate. There was a Southern theme pot luck, plenty of drinks, TVs showing other games… it was incredible. I can’t wait for our next home game!

Favorite News Item of the Week: Replacement Refs are GONE


As a Packer fan, all I can say is “THANK GOD!”

Favorite Video: Baby goat with puppies

So cute and hilarious!

Favorite Craft: Fall Wreath

I have never been much of an arts and crafts type girl, but last Sunday I decided to make a fall wreath. Using inspiration from Pinterest, I took a vine wreath, some fake leaves, a block letter and a few other odds and ends from Michaels to make a new decoration for our front door. Using a hot glue gun, this is so easy to make. We named the owl “Ludwig.”

Favorite Recipe: Pork Chop Soup

I found the recipe from All Recipes and tweaked it slightly. Perfect fall soup (again, I can pretend it’s actually fall here) and makes enough for lunch the next day! Tim went for seconds.


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