AZ FUN: Freeman Farms

Growing up, my family did all the stereotypical holiday traditions. We dyed Easter eggs; we went to an actual Christmas tree farm to chop down a real tree; we drove around looking at Christmas lights. We also always went to a pumpkin patch. Tim and I didn’t go to one last year (I think we went to a haunted house instead) so this year I was in need of some Halloween pumpkin fun.

My criteria for a pumpkin patch this time around? It needed to be somewhere that actually felt like fall… aka I can wear jeans comfortably. After a google search, we found Freeman Farms.

After paying our admittance fee of $10, we ventured to the petting zoo. Having been raised on a farm, Tim loves barnyard animals and we were delighted to see many baby goats, two sheep, a miniature horse and a steer awaiting love.

Me with a baby goat

Tim and his sheep friend

Hanging out with our steer friend Norman

Next up we hopped aboard a hayride. The driver, Farmer Jim, was very informative and described the farm’s unique irrigation system while driving us around. Along with a corn field, there were several rows of sunflowers brightening the landscape.

Farmer Jim

All aboard the hay ride!

While I was excited about the sunflowers, Tim was very pleased to see the variety of tractors. There were two Farmall tractors, including one the same make and model his dad has. The workers were kind enough to let Tim hop on for a photo opp.

Tim on a Farmall M, same kind of tractor his dad had.

The corn maze was next on the agenda. It was small, short and pretty easy. Nothing too special but fun nevertheless.

Our journey through the corn maze

Following the corn maze, Tim stopped to converse with his geese brethren.

Finally, we moved over to the patch to pick our pumpkins. With the warmer Arizona climates, many of the pumpkins were still very green. There were several helpers to cut our pumpkins and after about 10-15 minutes of searching, we chose a Cinderella pumpkin and one for carving.

We found our pumpkins!

There were several other activities at Freeman Farms that we did not participate in. They had several shows occurring every half hour (we were in the corn maze during the one that went on when we were there) and they had a few local vendors and a plentiful snack bar. If want to escape Phoenix for a day, head up to Freeman Farms for pumpkins. It was a great time!

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