Friday Favorites No. 3

We went to the game last night in an attempt to #BlkOutDuck. The attendance was high and for some reason the expectations, but the Ducks just completely manhandled us. We had absolutely no match for the speed and athleticism of Oregon. Maybe someday we will be an elite team like the Ducks, but last night we were completely outmatched. So last night’s game isn’t going on my Friday Favorites list, but the following items made the cut.

Favorite Netflix Find: Sherlock. If you haven’t watched this show, I suggest you do. It is easily the best show on television. Great acting and I love how each episode is 90 minutes. They were able to update the iconic characters without losing their personalities. It is pure perfection and I can’t wait until the next season.

Favorite Food Item Made: Roasted Chicken. One of our friends told us to make this and it was fantastic! So easy and so delicious!

Favorite Etsy Shop: Kudos Kitchen by Renee. I used her for a few of my bridesmaid gifts and also bought my mom’s birthday gift (pictured above) through her. She is so creative and talented. If you are looking for a fun personalized gift, go through her.

Favorite New Recipe to Try: Portuguese Kale and Potato Soup. We went to dinner at our friends last weekend and they made a similar soup. We recently bought linguica (which brought out the pure glee out of this Santa Maria girl) and I think this will be a fun way to use it.

Favorite Want to Wear: Colored skinny jeans and sweater. Fall perfection.

Favorite Fall TV: The Walking Dead. I am so happy this show is back! Between the prison-home, the new characters and the mass amount of zombie kills in the premier, this upcoming season looks fantastic.

Favorite Must Buy: Lauren Conrad Holiday Dress. So adorable!

Tim’s best man is coming into town this weekend. Looking forward to a taco festival and sun! Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. That is some fancy wine glass!

    1. It’s a great shop! She will make anything you ask her to!

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