AFI Top 100 Catch-Up: No. 28 All About Eve & No. 27 High Noon.

No. 28 All About EveAll About Eve’s true strength was the acting. While the role may not have been that far-fetched from her own personality, Bette Davis was brilliant as the aging starlette, Margo. She was selfish, snobby and jealous yet showed compassion and love to her friends. Her insecurities mirrored ones we see in ourselves, and despite her flaws, you were rooting for her. On the flip side, initially you were also cautiously rooting for Eve. It did seem like something was off (how sad is it that we have a hard time trusting people who are over-the-top sweet), but even if she wasn’t who she appeared to be, she was determined. I enjoyed how the end showed a girl trying to take Eve’s place… quite the cycle show business is.

No. 27 High Noon – Apparently, this was a favorite film of President Eisenhower, President Reagan and President Clinton and has been screened in the White House numerous times. What was interesting to me is that the back stories of the characters was touched upon but never fully investigated. We didn’t know why Will Kane and Helen Ramirez stopped seeing each other, we never learned what exactly the Miller boys did to make the town so unsafe or who this new sheriff was. The truth was, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that despite all he did for its residents, Sheriff Kane was alone in standing up for himself and his town. Did this make him a hero, or a fool?

Next Up: No. 26 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.


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