Phoenix Half Marathon – CHECK!

I did it! I finished a half marathon!


This morning, I woke up early (4:15!) to catch a shuttle for the Phoenix half marathon with my friends Alicia, AJ and Vinny. I’ll be frank, I didn’t train like I should have and was nervous. For the first nine miles, I maintained a solid 11.12 minute mile pace. Things began to go downhill as my knees began to kill and eventually I did have to walk about a mile and a half. I managed to get it together and limp/run the final mile, crossing the finish line in 2:50:26. Due to my lack of training, my only goal was to finish under 3 hours and it felt great to cross that finish line.

I had a blast on my run and am fully planning on running another. The workers were friendly and the supporters were awesome! I never noticed how wonderful it was to have people cheering for you during a 5k but it made a huge difference in the half. My favorite ones included a bunch of young kids jumping up and down in excitement to give us high fives and the college kids who were handing out dixie cups of BEER to the runners. I seriously cracked up when I saw that.

So with that said, thank you to all the volunteers and all those who support the Phoenix Marathon. Congratulations to all the runners today! Finishing is a great accomplishment.

Next run for me is Pat’s Run on April 20. Spots are still open but they will go fast! Sign up to Run, Walk, Honor.



  1. Great job! A half is definitely something to be proud of! I’m doing my first in May 🙂

  2. Thank you! Good luck to you! My only advice is to make sure you get your training in! (and if you are using your iPhone to turn off all apps, bluetooth and wireless).

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