Life These Days

Taking a quick break from all my travel recaps, here are a few updates on life!

Our beautiful home!

Our beautiful home!

First and foremost, we bought a HOUSE! Tim and I are now first time homeowners. We’ve been in the new place for a couple weeks now and are loving it. Our neighborhood is awesome to take Archie for a walk and to go for a run (which I need to do more of). It’s close to everything you can imagine (except work, but at least Tim and I are commuting together now) and we’re now in the safest city in Arizona.

Archie Bear

Archie Bear


Such a big puppy

Archie is doing great! He loves running up and down the stairs, going for walks (his eyes go crazy and he does every trick he knows when we pick up the leash) and playing at the dog park (Cosmo Park is amazing for those in the East Valley). Last time he was at the vet he was 65 lbs and is probably closer to 70 now. He’s our big teddy bear.

photo (10)

Out at Four Peaks with Tyler

Along with moving, March was a very busy month for us as we had guests in town four out of the five weekends. Tim’s dad kicked off the visitors, followed by Tim’s best friend Tyler.

Hanging out at Freeman Park with my amazing in-laws

Hanging out at Freeman Park with my amazing in-laws

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

We had a week reprieve to pack up and move and my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew and finally my parents. It was great having so much company in town and now we are excited to finally get our house officially together.


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