AFI Top 100: No. 18 The General


And we’re back! After a two month hiatus (spent moving and watching the entire Game of Thrones series), we are back on the AFI Top 100 track. Our first film was a 1926 silent one titled The General. Set in Marietta, Ga., at the dawn of the American Civil War, the film took a comedic view at the true story of The Great Locomotive Chase.

This was easily my favorite of the silent films on the list (we still have City Lights to get through). The engineer, Johnnie Gray (played by Buster Keaton), was both clumsy and charming. Despite the fact he kept getting himself in awkward situation after awkward situation, this film was was funny without being too over the top. In fact, rather than seeming forced, the stacked up situations kept you on your toes and was one of those movies where you find yourself yelling at the characters to MOVE! The music that went along with the film was great, the story enjoyable and the acting natural. Plus, I learned a lot more about how trains work from this film.

Overall this was a cute, fun film. It was on Roger Ebert’s top 10 list and while it would not be on mine, it was definitely a favorite of the silent movies. Next up is supposed to be The Graduate, however, that movie has been removed from Netflix Instant so we will skip ahead and watch Sunset Blvd. before backtracking.

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