Archie Goes to the Groomer

It was time. Every poodle mix at some point or another needs it done. With the temperature rising and a camping trip on the horizon, the time was upon us. It was time to take Archie to the groomer.

Scruffy puppy

Scruffy puppy

When we moved, a consistent flow of coupons kept arriving in our mailbox. One of these was to Prestige Pet Salon, located not too far from our new home. With the coupon in tow, we scheduled the four hour appointment for our little Archie Bear. As you can tell from the picture, Archie turned into quite the scruffy puppy. Adorable, yes, but oftentimes his curls would drape over his eyes and certainly made him look beefier than he truly was.

My silly husband and I waiting for a seat at the Farmhouse.

My silly husband and I waiting for a seat at the Farmhouse.

The groomers were done with him in less than three hours, during which time Tim and I ate at the Farmhouse in downtown Gilbert.

Archie's new look!

Archie’s new look!


Little lamb

When we picked him up, a new dog appeared in front of us! Our scraggly puppy now resembled a little lamb or a fox or a squirrel depending on your point of view. His curls were gone but they left his tail fluffy and his head was shaved into a teddy bear shape. With a light blue bandana around his neck, he looked like something out of a nursery rhyme.

Happy puppy!

Happy puppy!

The groomer did a terrific job and I would recommend Prestige Pet Salon to anyone in the Southeast Valley. While his new look is taking a bit to get used to, he is still our adorable little Archie Bear.


Fashion Dispute!

So who wore it better, Archie or Falcore? 🙂


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