Here’s to 28!

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 7.55.04 PM

“How did you get to be 28 years old?” my grandma asked me yesterday while wishing me a happy birthday. While 28 sounds so old, the truth is I could not be happier than I am currently am in life. I was blessed with the most amazing 27th year… I married my best friend, had an adorable puppy enter my life, traveled to Washington, D.C., Chicago, Belize, California and Minnesota, finished a half marathon and bought a house

Now after my amazing 27th year, I look to 28. Travelwise, I know I’m going to Las Vegas, Minnesota and California during the year with hopefully a few camping trips in between. 

My biggest goal for 28 is to become more consistent with my fitness. I especially want to start running more frequently, which is difficult to do here in the summer months. I signed up for the Tempe/Scottsdale Women’s Half Marathon and I’m aiming to finish it significantly faster than the one I ran in March. Be prepared for a few more posts on my running progress as that may help keep me accountable 🙂

Other plans for 28 are finding a place to volunteer, developing this blog more (more food and reading selections) and of course… finishing the  AFI Top 100!


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