RUN: And so it begins!


Half marathon training is on! The Women’s Running Scottsdale/Tempe Half Marathon is on November 3 and I am bound and determined to train for this one. I decided to start a 20-week program and realized yesterday I should technically be on week 2 (whoops). Since I’ve been doing short runs the past few weeks, I decided to just skip week one. I finished my first of three 3-mile runs and have a 4-miler on tap for Sunday.

Photo Jun 25, 8 07 43 AM

Awesome first 3-miler done in 85* weather.

Looking ahead at the training schedule, there will be a few conflicts to get around. The first is finding the time to run in the ungodly Phoenix heat (it’s supposed to 117* on Friday and Saturday with a LOW of 90!). Right now I can run right when I get to work at 7:30 around campus (note to self, make sure you bring a bra with your change of clothes for the day). Once my runs start increasing, however, I’m going to have to adjust my clock and get up (and go to bed) earlier to make sure I get in those miles before 9 am.

I also have a few trips scheduled for this summer: two trips home to California, one work trip to Minnesota and… a bachelorette party in Vegas. While I’m looking forward to the runs in California and Minnesota (ahhhh cooler weather and pretty scenery) the bachelorette party one might be a bit more difficult to squeeze in. I’m thinking I will substitute my long Sunday run (my race is on a Sunday so I swapped the Saturday/Sunday workouts) on Friday before I leave. I honestly have no idea how else to do it because I’m pretty positive I won’t be in any state to get a run in on Sunday night.

I also need to figure out how to get my week 15 runs in. My brother’s wedding is that Saturday and an 11 mile run is just not in the cards for the next morning. Between family and friends coming into town and bridesmaid duties, I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to do my workouts for the week. I may have to just settle for a few shorter ones or suck it up and go for the run on Sunday evening.

How do you fit in your runs with life events? Do you just say screw it on a few or figure out ways to make sure you can get it in?


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