Sunday Runday

The beauty of running at sunrise.

The beauty of running at sunrise.

My first week of half marathon training is in the books! Being the type of person who needs a schedule to keep motivated (my best GPAs in college were when I had class daily as opposed to just TTh), having a training plan has been incredibly helpful. Knowing the day and length of each run gives me the ability to plan out my days. What has been difficult is how early I need to wake up. It’s summertime in Phoenix and the heat the past few days has been brutal (118* two days straight). Combined with the fact Tim and I need to be out the door by 7 am, the only time able time to run is first thing in the morning, forcing me to bed earlier than usual.




A few things I’ve learned to get me going in the hot mornings:

1. Eat something before. I’ve been preparing a mini peanut butter and banana rice cake to chow down on before my runs. I feel so much better if I have had a bit of something in my belly before. Next step is putting it together the  night before.

2. Have Gatorade cold and ready at home (prior to teeth brushing).

3. Map out your run ahead of time. I find that I run faster when I know where I’m going, otherwise I’m slowing down trying decide what direction to go.

4. When it’s hot out, it’s essential to get moving early. I waited too long this morning. My alarm went off at 5:21 but I didn’t get out the door until nearly 6 am. I definitely paid for it as this run felt much warmer than the previous days.

5. Wear your shorts and sports bra to bed. This helps take a bit of time off getting out the door.

This week, I’m scheduled for 4 milers on Tuesday and Thursday, a 3 mile run on Saturday and 5 miles on Sunday. Due to my vacation, I’ll be moving my Saturday and Sunday runs up a day. Can’t wait to run in sub-70* weather!

And I’ll end with a great action of Archie running. Have a great week!

Photo Jun 29, 6 50 31 AM


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