Weekly Runcap – Cooling Down on the Central Coast

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. Tim and I decided in order to truly beat the heat this week, we needed to get out of Dodge and opted to spend the long weekend at my parents’ house in Orcutt, Calif. I’ll write another post on our weekend later on…

Photo Jul 07, 5 37 04 PM

Which would you rather run in?

My first scheduled run of the week was postponed by what we here in Arizona call a haboob. I had set my alarm at five, scarfed down some peanut butter and banana, laced up my Asics and was about to open the door when I heard the wind gusting outside. Fail. Moved it to the next day. I ran a new route around the neighborhood and felt pretty good. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger and find my splits are not only getting faster but much more consistent, which will be beneficial come November.

Pretty Orcutt

Pretty Orcutt

We left for my parents on July 3. One of the greatest things about my hometown is the weather. With the mercury not reaching over 75, I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get my runs in, and it was glorious. Friday (my running days were all messed up this week due to vacation), I put in four miles averaging just under a 10-minute mile pace.

Red faced but happy after 5.21 miles!

Red faced but happy after 5.21 miles!

The following day, I did the longest run I have done on my own since track in high school, five miles, and it felt amazing. Orcutt, unlike Gilbert, actually has hills and I made sure I took advantage of the opportunity to utilize them in my workout. Even with the addition of hills, my average mile times were under 10 minutes. Prior to starting training, my goal was to finish the 13.1 miles at an 11 minute mile pace but the more I keep training, the more I’m wondering if I should lower my goal time… We shall see.

Running around Orcutt in the morning was beyond amazing as the fog bank hung around to cool me off. I don’t think I can fully express how wonderful it was to be running in 60* weather rather than 85*-95*. People on the Central Coast, do not take your weather for granted! I miss it daily and am counting down the days until we return in August, I’ve even already mapped out my runs! I did end up a run short due to my vacation and getting back to AZ late… I’ll have to figure out a way to make it up this week. 4, 4,3,5 are on tap again this week!

What’s your ideal temperature for running?

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