AFI Top 100: No. 11 City Lights


I know silent films are a staple of cinema and Charlie Chaplin is a beloved feature of that era, but I have to admit I am so glad that this was the final one on the list. Silent movies are fascinating in some aspects but can be so dull compared to “talkies.” Due to the lack of sound and vocals, the silent actors must exaggerate emotion and the actors in City Lights did a great job of that. Charlie was his usual Tramp self but in my opinion it was the acting of the Blind Girl and the Eccentric Millionaire who stole the show.Β The storyline was charming, I loved the numerous sacrifices the Tramp made for the Blind Girl and the tumultuous relationship between the Tramp and the Eccentric Millionaire and both actors did a fine job with their roles. Β  It was a very sweet film, but like I said, I am happy to have the silent films behind me.

Next Up: No. 10 The Wizard of Oz. Holy smokes we are now moving into the TOP TEN!!


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