AFI Top 100: No. 10 The Wizard of Oz


If there is one movie that has impacted the majority of American children, it is The Wizard of Oz. Decades later, the iconic masterpiece continues to dazzles youths. All across America, and the world, children would dance and sing along with Dorothy, the munchkins and the scarecrow, sit in awe at the beauty of Oz and sleep in between Mom and Dad because of a new fear of flying monkeys.

Watching this again as an adult brought tears to my eyes. The songs are timeless, the characters are memorable and the color is legendary. I can’t imagine there are many out there who have not watched The Wizard of Oz but if you have not, take the time to do so. It is truly an American treasure.

For your listening pleasure:

WARNING Do not watch the following clips unless you want the songs to be stuck in your head all day.

Next Up: No. 9 Vertigo


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