TRAVEL: Wine Wrangler

I’ve been terrible with my blogging the past few months and while this is certainly not timely, I still wanted to blog about it. Tim and I were going to be in California the week before our one year anniversary and decided to commemorate the occasion by taking a one-day trip on the Central Coast. We ended up staying at the Cambria Pines Lodge and taking the Wine Wrangler Tour into Paso Robles. Cambria is about a two hour drive from my hometown and the Wine Wrangler was picking us up from the lodge around 10 so we basically left our suitcase in the car and jumped into the van. It was about a 40 minute scenic drive to Paso from Cambria.


After picking up another couple, the first winery we hit up was Pear Valley. My parents had joined this winery thinking Tim and I could have our wedding there and wow let me tell you the place is spectacular. The grounds, the views, the interior, everything about this place was stunning. It had the perfect Tuscan feel to it. We enjoyed our tastings and found the wines to be not only delicious but very reasonably priced. After buying a bottle, we explored the grounds and took a few pictures along the way.

gorgeous interior

Gorgeous tasting room

Amazing view at Pear Valley!

Amazing view at Pear Valley!


I could have sat here forever

The second winery was Vina Robles. This winery has become well known for its amphitheater which has showcased semi-big names such as Darius Rucker. The experience at this tasting room was particularly nice as we were taken to a private table and had our own personal pourer. The woman in charge was obviously very knowledgable about their wines and gave examples of great food pairings. The tasting room and store was very large and seemed very modern. It was a beautiful winery but did not quite compare to Pear Valley.

Exterior of Vina Robles

Exterior of Vina Robles

We crossed the street to go to Robert Hall next. I had been to this winery several years prior with my parents. It is very grandiose with brick pillars and fountains. In addition to our tasting, we also received a cavern tour. Our guide did an outstanding job leading us through the caves and describing the different barrels and process. We also received a complimentary barrel tasting. Barrel tastings are completely different than wine tasting as the wines are still in the preliminary stages of development. The tour showcased the winemaking process from beginning to end and was an awesome addition to the day. After our complimentary tasting, we sat outside to have lunch. Following Robert Hall, we went to San Antonio Winery, whose tasting room was not at a vineyard but rather in a store off the freeway. I honestly don’t remember much about it but the shop did have a plethora of interesting knick knacks.

Inside the caverns

Inside the caverns

Our guide getting our barrel tasting ready

Our guide getting our barrel tasting ready

With our barrel tasting inside the caves at Robert Hall

With our barrel tasting inside the caves at Robert Hall

Our guide took us back to our hotels after this. I haven’t commented on her yet but Carol was awesome. She listened to our requests and had great information about the area. I truly enjoyed her and would recommend the Wine Wrangler Tour to anyone interested in tasting in Paso Robles. We chose the Option 2 tour which was a full day but you had to provide your own lunch. They gave you the option to pick four wineries from a list which is plenty for wine tasting. As for lunch, they would either drive you someplace or you could bring your own. We stopped by Albertson’s to pick up some sandwiches and pretzels which was perfect for us. It was an awesome tour and perfect day.

This post went way longer than expected so I’ll talk about the second day of our trip on another post 🙂


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