AFI Top 100: No. 8 Schindler’s List


I have been sitting on this recap for quite sometime. Not because Schindler’s List is a bad film, no quite the contrary, Schindler’s List is a very important movie and one I would encourage people try to watch. It is the fact it is such a well done film on an awful subject that makes it difficult to give it true justice. The Holocaust was one of the darkest events of mankind and this movie does not shy away from that. Senseless and brutal killings, the horror of the “shower,” the cramped car rides, the children being forced away from their parents… there are so many heartbreaking and disgusting acts of mankind that happened in real life and that were shown this movie. Len Gutman, who I virtually found and is doing the same AFI journey I am, wrote a very nice piece on his blog that reflects many of my feelings on the film. I encourage you to read that as I honestly don’t think I could have said it better myself…

Next Up: No. 7 Lawrence of Arabia

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