AFI Top 100: No. 6 Gone with the Wind


I hadn’t watched this movie in forever and I have to say… I loved Gone with the Wind.There are no arguments coming from me about this being so high on the AFI list.

No one can, nor should, ever play Scarlett O’Hara again because Vivien Leigh dominated that role. If I couldn’t tell you how many times throughout the film I chuckled and (excuse my language) said “God, Scarlett is such a bitch” yet somehow continued to root for her to be happy because she was so strong. It’s amazing how perfect Vivien Leigh was as Scarlett. I wish Hollywood would retire characters like teams retire jerseys because no one else should ever have that role again. Scarlett was not alone as a brilliant character. Clark Gable was outstanding at Rhett Butler. I loved Rhett and his scoundrel behavior throughout the movie. He was so witty and charming… it’s obvious many other iconic heroes of later films (Han Solo for example) took a page out of Gable’s book. In addition, here are so many memorable images from this movie from the scores of suffering soldiers at the hospital to sunset kiss between Rhett and Scarlett and of course the costume design was to-die for.

Gone with the Wind is certainly not a perfect movie. It’s hard to relate to Scarlett’s obsession over Ashley… the man is so vanilla and Melanie was a little too sugary sweet to be real. Obviously it is not historically accurate in several areas and there are a number of racial issues with this film. I couldn’t believe they showcased the “political meeting” as being a gallant act. Gag me.

If you haven’t watched Gone with the Wind do yourself a favorite and check it out. It is a beautiful film.

Next Up: No. 5 Singing in the Rain

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