RACE RECAP: Spay Pride Parade 5k

Amanda, Archie and I at the Spay Pride Parade

Amanda, Archie and I at the Spay Pride Parade

My friend Amanda is very involved in dog rescues (she and her husband foster for Boxer Luv) and told me about this 5k that supported a local rescue group. For it being Spay Pride Parade 5k’s inaugural year, it was pretty successful. The total number of runner/walkers was about 270 and I was impressed with the amount of dog friendly vendors at the festival. The race packet wasn’t that special, but you have to remember it was the first year for the race. There was a cotton t-shirt with a logo (that was so much more subdued than what they had promoted throughout the race as), a rainbow bandana, a frisbee and a few dog food and vet promo items.

The route was all inside Kiwanis Park in Tempe with a loop around the park’s lake and back. The split of runners and walkers was about 50/50 and several people, including Tim and Archie!, walked with their dogs. The route was mostly flat but the hills they had, while short, were very steep. The race began and ended on grass which was a fun challenge. It was overall pretty flat and Kiwanis is a very nice park but I have one major gripe… it wasn’t a full 5k! Runkeeper and Amanda’s Garmin recorded the route as being only 2.91 miles rather than 3.1. To give that length perspective… it was almost a full lap around the track short.

Photo from Tr-IAG Photographer

Photo from Tr-IAG Photographer

I clocked a 24:03, finishing fifth out of the women and 16th overall. My first mile was super fast, 7:46 and I slowed significantly for the second mile and evened out for my third. I think I could have finished stronger but with an average of 8:16 it was easily the fasted I had ran since high school track, so I was quite pleased with the result!

Spay Pride was a fun, small race that I would like to run again. Hopefully next time they will get the length right!

My next race will be the Lost Dutchman 10k on Feb. 16. Can’t wait!


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