Race Recap: Girls on the Run

My awesome running buddy and I

My awesome running buddy and I

The day after Pat’s Run, I participated in Girls on the Run as a running buddy. My friend Sam is a running coach for one of the local elementary schools and I decided to volunteer for her school. For a bit of background information, Girls on the Run is an organization that “inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creative integrates running.” In other words, it’s an awesome way how to teach elementary girls how to be fit and have fun with other women.

The girl Sam picked for me was as charming as can be. She was an incredibly smart and chatty 12-year-old who loved to read and movies so we had lots to talk about. She had some issues with shin splints, so she was comfortable jogging for a bit then walking, then jogging a bit more. I really, really enjoyed getting to know her over 3.1 miles and wish her luck next year in Girls on the Track!

The race itself was pretty nice. The course was a nice route through Kiwanis Park and the nearby canal. At the start, parents with signs, horns and pom poms cheered on their daughters loudly. It the coolest start to a race I had experienced and I loved the support given to these young girls. The “girls on the run” received a medal and a shirt while running buddies were given a female fit cotton t-shirt.

I fully plan on being a running buddy for Girls on the Run for many years to come. I don’t get to work with young girls very often in my job and having the opportunity to cheer one on and chat with her was fun and fulfilling. You can bet that if I have a daughter someday, I will encourage her to be a “Girl on the Run.”

Learn more about Girls on the Run. 



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