A Look Back and a Look Ahead

2014 - a year of ups and downs.

2014 – a year of ups and downs.

A lot happened in 2014. I gained a new nephew and lost my grandfather. My husband and I traveled to San Francisco, Minnesota, California, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. I ran 12 races and have been up and down in my running throughout the year. It’s been a roller coaster.

I looked back yesterday to see how I planned out my 2014 on January 1 of last year. I made several goals under Mind, Body and Soul. And I’m happy to say, I accomplished the majority of them! Under mind – we finished the AFI Top 100, I read well over 12 books in 2014 and I successfully finished a Photoshop class. Our trip to Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam was amazing and I’m looking forward to sharing the details of our experiences later on this month.

My body goals were a mixed bag. My half time in the Phoenix Marathon was well under 2:10 and I ran double the amount of races I had a goal of doing in 2014. The strength training and food prep were not so successful and I’ll touch on that in a bit.

Now it’s time to look ahead! Here are some of my 2015 goals.10704249_10152450952986016_8031590876103518644_o


1. Take a photography, Google Analytics and intermediate photoshop class – Yes that’s right, three classes. I loved the class I took last year through the Maricopa County Library District and know these three additional courses they offer will help me even more professionally.


1. Finish the Phoenix Marathon – My first marathon is on Feb. 28. I have no major Phoenix_Marathontime goals but I just want to finish my first attempt to run 26.2. I have been enjoying the training process so far and cannot wait to cross that finish line.
2. Strength train/yoga at least once a week – Yes I know I need to do more than once a week, but let’s be realistic here and start small.
3. Food prep every other week – Like my strength training goal, I know I need to be realistic. I’m not going to food prep every Sunday. It will be great for my wallet and my health to start doing this more often than not however, and I’m looking forward to starting.
Minor goal – Run a sub-2:00:00 half marathon. I don’t know where my training will go after the Phoenix Marathon but if I have a chance to go for a sub 2 in 2015, I’m excited to do it.


1. Volunteer at least six times – I’m a provisional member of Junior League Phoenix and part of my requirements include four hours of Community Impact but I want to do more than that in 2015.
2. Keep a plant alive – I’m not kidding. I’m stopping by a nursery this weekend and going to buy one.
3. Be more grateful.

Overall, I want to become more appreciative of what I have and share my appreciation and love with my family and friends. Even though this year was hard with the loss of my grandfather, I was so lucky to have him in my life for 29 years. I’m truly blessed.

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