Run Eat Tweet AZ Desert Road Run


Happy Thursday! I know for most people they have two more full days of work but for me, it’s my Friday! Woot woot!

I told you recently I was invited to be a Chief Running Officer for Run Eat Tweet AZ and last Saturday I had my first official event with them. We were originally going to go on a trail in South Mountain but due to rain it was switched to a road run. We still met at the South Mountain Pima Canyon Trailhead and driving in I promptly saw these two:



After picking a seven mile route, we took off! One of the guys in the group used to work with me at the athletic department during college so it was a nice trip down memory lane for the first mile. After that, I realized I was going a bit too fast for me for a long run pace but decided to keep up as best I could. I did drop back a bit eventually but a few members of the group were kind enough to significantly slow down for me.

minotorI don’t usually run with other people so talking during a run was definitely new for me. I loved being able to share experiences and enjoy the cool (and slightly humid) morning with others. Everyone was very friendly and I can’t wait to see them again!

After the run, minoTOR, a new local exercise drink company, had refreshments for us. I’ll be receiving a sample of Minotor in the next week so I’ll share more about them then!

Jeremy, one of the leaders of Run Eat Tweet AZ, shot an awesome video with his GoPro! Check it out:

Overall, the group run was a blast and a change from my normal solitary miles. I’m looking forward to the next one!

In the meantime, check out these awesome discount codes via Run Eat Tweet AZ. I have family and work obligations these days but you should try to make it out!


Relay for V-day

KISS ME I’M IRISH RUN (1K, 4K, 8K & 17k)
RUNEAT10 for 10% off

Run3rd 5K
RUNEATTWEET for 10% Off *AND* entered to win a Sean Astin autographed DVD of Goonies/or/Lord of the Rings


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