The Phoenix Marathon – Everything but the Race

It won’t be every day I run a marathon so bear with me for another post. I wrote about my race experience earlier but wanted to also comment on other aspects of the Phoenix Marathon.

Phoenix Marathon through the years.

Phoenix Marathon through the years.

The Phoenix Marathon was my first half marathon I ran, so this race will always have a soft spot in my heart. I’ve already commented about the course in my race recap, so I wanted to praise a few of the other aspects I love about this race. The first is the swag. It’s not all about the shirt, but you have to admit that when you get a good shirt it is a major bonus! I’ve loved their shirts the past two years! Albion Fit, a women’s clothing company out of Utah, has designed them. This year’s shirt was a super cute black, white and grey tank top. It fit perfect! I have so many race t-shirts but I wear a lot of tanks due to the hot summers here so I was ecstatic with this year’s shirt! I will be wearing this one often. I also bought two other shirts at the expo by Albion Fit. One says “Find Your Happy Pace,” which is my perfect type of cheesy. The other shirt was a last year’s leftover tank with a built in bra, I got it for $5!

Race shirt is on the top right corner.

Race shirt is on the top right corner.

They also give arm sleeves out every year. They are a thin tech material and I’ve used them several times in races. I actually lost mine from last year during the Rock N’ Roll, so I was happy to see they were in the race packet again. I used them during this race and handed them off to Tim when I saw him at Mile 16. In addition to that, the packet and expo had goodies from a variety of energy bars, vitamins and other similar vendors.

Photo Feb 28, 12 32 15 PM (1)

The medal. I’m going to admit it, I love collecting medals. They make me happy. The medal was a giant Phoenix the previous two years and both looked very similar to each other. This year’s still included the Phoenix but it was a different shape, larger and had a bit of the Arizona flag in the background. I also loved how they put 2015 in Roman numerals this time. The medals for the next five years for the Phoenix Marathon look incredible. Each year will have a different theme of the five C’s of Arizona (copper, climate, citrus, cattle and cotton) and they will combine to form a copper star. So cool.

It hurts so good!

It hurts so good!

I also think the Phoenix Marathon does a great job with their postrace. One of their vendors is Sprouts, a local healthy grocery store, and they give you a variety of snacks including fruits, nuts and crackers. Kneaders was handing out breads, Dave’s BBQ sandwiches and Muscle Milk was also there. My favorite thing about the Phoenix Marathon Post Race is their massage booth. Massage Envy has several people on hand to give you a postrace massage. The times I’ve ran the half there has been a decent line but I only waited for maybe a minute this year. The guy who was helping me did a fantastic job on me and worked on me for at least 10 minutes. It was painful, but it definitely helped my recovery.

My cheer team and supporters!

My cheer team and supporters!

The last thing I wanted to do in this post was talk about my family. I would have never been able to do the training without their support, especially from my husband Tim. There were mornings that I needed his encouragement to get up and get moving and he was always there. He gave me a beautiful 26.2 necklace after the race from Gone for a Run and I’ve worn it every day this week.


It also meant a lot for my parents to come out from California for the race. They were there at Miles 16 and the finish line and let me pick where I wanted to eat the night before and the day of. They would always ask how I was doing on phone calls. Seeing my sister-in-law and my little nephew during the race also made very happy.

My grandma's card said "Women Rule!" Yes we do, Grandma. Yes we do.

My grandma’s card said “Women Rule!” Yes we do, Grandma. Yes we do.

I had other people encourage me throughout the training process. My grandma would always ask how it was going and she sent me beautiful flowers after the race. My friends Amanda and JT being there at Mile 20 was huge! They really helped me in my motivation.

Crossing the finish line!

Crossing the finish line!

Since I’ve finished the race, the second thing out of everyone’s mouth is “Are you going to do another?” It’s like having a baby, I guess. The truth is, I’m not sure yet. I’ll definitely keep running and plan on running several more half marathons. I think someday I would like to run another marathon but I don’t see it happening for a few more years. Regardless of what the future holds, I’m so happy I accomplished this goal and look forward to many more races and runs in the future!



  1. Great job!! I bet you run another one sooner than you think 🙂

    1. We’ll see 😉 I’m definitely looking up more half marathons to run!

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